They met as children in an orphanage, when she was the rich little girl, and he the sullen orphan boy. Years later, a grown up Maggie leaves home for Chicago, determined to become a big city reporter.

Daniel McQuinn is now a hard bitten investigative reporter for Chicago's biggest paper. He always gets the story—and this time it's a big one.

Daniel intends to be the one to unmask a serial killer whose victims are all women of the streets. He never expects competition from a beautiful young woman. To call his bluff, his editor hires Maggie to take over the story. When trouble sends her straight into Daniel's arms they are assigned to work together, as a married couple.

Like Tracey and Hepburn these two begin an adventure with biting repartée that sets the sparks flying. With inner demons to fight, as well as a murderer to expose and a news story to write, the rivalry between Maggie and Daniel reaches great heights—and so does their soaring passion.

With a classic clash-of-wills storyline, marvelous and stubborn characters and dialogue that flies, this book will keep you up all night. Valerie Kirkwood's debut brings a freshness and novelty to the romance genre. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin