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Protagonist Jane True made an unmistakable splash when she debuted, and Peeler wastes no time increasing the pressure on her ever-evolving heroine. The trajectory of Jane’s first-person adventures means that this increasingly hazardous ride is fast and furious, but the author still takes time to develop character and relationships. Peeler deftly proves she knows how to tell an irresistible story!

Half-selkie Jane True is trying to come to grips with her new-found heritage, while developing her magic. Time may be of the essence, since just by being a halfling, Jane has some powerful enemies. She also has some powerful friends in the form of barghest Anyan and the sexy vampire investigator, Ryu. Jane and Ryu have been having a long-distance relationship. When Jane goes to Boston to visit him, she is suddenly caught up in the investigation of a murderous halfling called Conleth. Although Ryu feels the evidence is cut and dried, Jane suspects there are more villains in the wings than just the half-crazed fire-starter. If Jane is right, she is going to need every bit of her developing magic to get to the bottom of things! (ORBIT, Jul., 348 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith