Mast Inverson has no choice but to accept his closest friend's request to bring his adopted daughter to safety before the French attack her island home, even though he has trepidations about bringing a woman aboard his brigantine.

Golden Gaverly has waited her whole life to avenge her parents' death and find the pirate, Moonstormer, who destroyed their ship, leaving her orphaned. Thrown overboard, Golden was rescued by a dolphin and raised by the Arawak tribe.

Golden and mast's initial encounters are anything but peaceful. Believing Mast to be the enemy, Golden attempts to evade him time and again with the help of her friends on land and sea. But fate has other plans.

As she and Mast engage in a powerful, sexually-charged clash of wills, their passions rise as quickly as their tempers. Though they cannot trust on another, they cannot resist their desires.

From the lush shores of the Caribbean islands to the pirate dens' "bride" auctions, from high seas battles to friendly dolphins, Golden struggles to uncover Matt's role in her family's tragedy and together they seek to unmask the real villain.

TRADEWINDS is an exhilarating debut novel with sizzling sexual tension between a charming hellion and her dashing captain. The action barely stops as Golden moves from one escapade to another with Mast hot on her heels. A fabulous roller coaster ride of an adventure - keep your eye on this talented new author! VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $4.99)

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