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Image of The Traitor (Captive Hearts)


Image of The Traitor (Captive Hearts)

Burrowes continues the Captive Hearts series with an unusual twist: The villain of the previous book is now the hero. It takes a skilled storyteller to turn a ruthless interrogator into a man worthy of readers’ respect and adoration. She accomplishes this with compassion, talent, depth of emotion and appealing secondary characters, as well as an unconventional heroine. Burrowes steps outside the box and readers are gifted with a memorable love story.

Caught in France during the Napoleonic Wars, Sebastian St. Clair joined the French army and became one of its chief interrogators of British prisoners of war. With the war over, he returns to his aunt in England, hoping to live a quiet country life. But his past follows him; he is given the sobriquet “the Traitor Baron” and is barely tolerated by society. His instincts tell him Millicent Danforth, his aunt’s companion, is hiding something. He uses his skills and seduction to unmask the lovely young woman. While love and passion blossom between Sebastian and Milly, a devious French plot threatens their future. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin