Image of The Traitor Queen (The Traitor Spy Trilogy)


Image of The Traitor Queen (The Traitor Spy Trilogy)

In this enthralling work, Canavan pulls the reader in almost instantly. Her method of switching between two seemingly separate plots increases suspense, while the various romantic relationships between characters add to the emotional value of the book. The intricately woven storyline and setting work with Canavan’s descriptive writing style to create a fantastic book that keeps the reader engaged long after the book is over. Though this is the third book in a trilogy, new readers will be able to follow the narrative.

In the land of Kyralia, Thief Cery, his daughter and his bodyguard are in deep hiding underneath the Magicians’ Guild building. As they struggle to avoid danger, they formulate a plan to capture Cery’s pursuer — the evil rogue magician Skellin, who has taken over the Underworld. Meanwhile, the Magicians’ Guild relies on their ambassadors in Sachaka, a neighboring country, to try and free Lorkin, a Guild Magician who was captured by the rebel Traitors. But Lorkin’s refusal to betray the traitors’ secrets puts an even greater strain on diplomatic relations between Sachaka and Kyralia. When the two narratives merge for a dramatic conclusion, only one thing is clear: The worlds of Sachaka and Kyralia will be changed forever. (ORBIT, Aug., 480 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck