Image of Traitors' Gate (Crossroads)


Image of Traitors' Gate (Crossroads)

Elliott completes the third book in the Crossroads series with a bang. Fans of
the series will love the complexities of the worldbuilding, but Elliott truly delivers in the subtle weaving of her characters and their psychological motivations. Tense and fulfilling, this novel proves that love does and does not conquer all, and that no one is incorruptible.

The Guardians of the Altars have been corrupted from the inside, and one of their own number has thrown the land of the Hundred into chaos and war. The Outlander army is the only voice for justice, and the only method of fighting the Guardians is in killing them.

Is justice served best by remaining true to the values one has been born with, or in using tools that are distasteful to protect the future of all the lands? (TOR, Aug., 576 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs