Image of The Traitor's Wife: A Novel


Image of The Traitor's Wife: A Novel

Pataki explores the attractive and cunning wife of notorious American traitor Benedict Arnold. Peggy Shippen Arnold is a well-developed character for whom readers will feel both compassion and contempt. But the story is told from the viewpoint of her favorite maid, Clara Bell, whom readers will love and empathize with. Steeped in fact, this novel leaves the reader feeling that the fictional events could have actually occurred.

Benedict Arnold is becoming more disillusioned and frustrated with the Continental Congress, and Peggy Shippen is obsessed with fortune and fame. Soon after Benedict marries Peggy, she shrewdly manipulates him into helping the British. As maid Clara grows and matures alongside Peggy, and the treason is coming to a head, Clara has to make a decision about where her loyalties lie and whom she truly loves. (HOWARD, Feb., 496 pp., $14.99)
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Sarah Frobisher