Image of Trapped at the Altar


Image of Trapped at the Altar

The first in Feather’s new series, Trapped at the Altar is rich in its historical setting as she places her hero and heroine in the midst of the volatile court of King Charles. Feather displays her talent for writing strong, well-developed characters and mixes them with sizzling sensuality, political intrigue and trust. Sit back and enjoy this captivating read.

Ariadne Fairfax is betrothed to her childhood friend Ivor Chalfont. She is fond of him, but her heart belongs to Gabriel Fawcett. With the contracts already signed, Ari and Ivor go forth with the marriage and gain entrance to the court of King Charles, which is consumed by a battle of religion and riven by politics. Ari entered the marriage with misgivings, but can she accept that what she feels for Ivor is really love? Ivor has always loved her, but what he needs most from her is not only a true love, but also trust. Can Ari give that to him? (POCKET, Jul., 337 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond