Gaylin's stand-alone novel is set in Hollywood's glamorous film industry, and the story contains color and elegance galore. Her fun characters and surprising plot twists keep the reader turning pages, but a few too many characters create confusion. Still, red herrings and a little romance do add up to fun.

Wannabe journalist Simone Glass is down and out in L.A. When she's offered a job at a tabloid paper, she grits her teeth and jumps in -- straight into their garbage, that is. Looking for dirt on one of Hollywood's brightest stars as she tosses aside rotten tomatoes, Simone is startled to find evidence that seems related to an actress's recent death. Authorities ruled it a suicide, but Simone's not so sure.

As she uncovers a trail of clues that seems to tell the story of undiscovered crimes -- maybe even murder -- Simone finds herself in increasingly threatening situations. The secrets she uncovers could be damaging to the stars. (OBSIDIAN, Sep., 336 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters