Image of Trauma Plan (Grace Medical)


Image of Trauma Plan (Grace Medical)

Calvert is an ER nurse who brings the reader not only a great romantic story, but a glimpse into the chaos of an urban medical clinic. Trauma Plan is a humor-filled romance, woven throughout with suspense, medical intrigue and faith. Readers will look forward to the rest of the Grace Medical series.

Riley Hale (of the rich and famous Hale family) wants to work as an ER nurse again, but injuries from a savage attack have left permanent damage, and she cannot control her muscle spasms. Dr. Jack Travis is a passionate champion of the homeless and the downtrodden. When he meets Riley he is wary of her limitations but intrigued by her determination, and he asks her to help at the clinic. Riley sees this as a chance to get back into medicine and accepts. They become a strong team battling for those who have no voice. (TYNDALE, May, 416 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin