Author Elaine Fox hits on a winning combination with this moving tale of passion overcoming time itself.

Shelby Manning is walking her dog down a quiet lane in Fredericksburg, Virginia, when she stumbles upon a wounded man, dressed in Union Civil War garb. Shelby figures he must be a reenactor accidentally injured during the day's events.

The last thing Carter Lindsey remembers is nearly bleeding to death on the battlefield. Then he awakens to discover an oddly dressed woman bending over him. He soon realizes that he is no longer in his own time, but must now persuade Shelby that he is not insane.

Despite her reservations about Carter, Shelby can't abandon the man, who seems to be suffering from amnesia. Ignoring her friends' protests, Shelby brings Carter home with her. Naturally, this plan does not set well with her long-time lover Rory Feagan, but Shelby is determined. Spending time with Carter makes her realize that his wild tale just may be true. Carter left a wife in he past and his guilt over her survival haunts him and the potential happiness he now finds in the future.

(Jan., 540 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith