Io lives in an alternate world where goblins and magic are real. Part siren fey and a member of H.U.G.—Humans Under Ground—Io has been sent on a mission into Goblin Town to find and distract Jonathan (Jack) Frost, who is also fey—a death fey. When they get together, sparks fly, but Io is determined to keep Jack at arm's length.

They work together to stop the goblins, who are doing something far worse than Io was told. When they reach final conflict, it is what Jack and Io have found together that tips the balance in their favor.

Jackson has created a wonderful alternate world full of magic and magical creatures. Though a bit confusing at first, the story sweeps along with almost nonstop action. Jack and Io are characters with form and substance, and this is an excellent read when you're hungry for some bad-guy bashing and a remarkable romance completely divorced from reality. (Aug., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley