Image of Travis's Appeal (Silhouette Special Edition #1958)


Image of Travis's Appeal (Silhouette Special Edition #1958)

TRAVIS'S APPEAL (3) by Marie Ferrarella: Workaholic lawyer Travis Marlowe has no idea what's ahead when hostess Shana O'Reilly and her restaurateur father, Shawn, come into his life. Establishing a living trust for Shawn is the easy part, but discovering that the older man is dying and keeping secrets from Shana complicates Travis' life considerably. So does his unexpected and intense attraction to her, because she's already been hurt by a broken engagement and isn't looking to get involved again. A believable, emotionally charged plot is this story's strength, but Shana's a little too good to be true -- and Travis isn't developed terribly well.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer