Image of Treachery in Death


Image of Treachery in Death

The thin blue line has some major cracks in it in Robb’s latest outstanding thriller. Whodunit is never in question, rather the fun in this tale is the meticulous preparation and setting of a skillful trap. All the usual players are engaged and their talents cleverly utilized as Robb spins a fast-packed and exciting read!

While showering in a no-longer-used police gym, Det. Peabody overhears two officers discussing corruption and murder. Thankful to escape undetected, Peabody brings her story to her partner, Lt. Eve Dallas. Eve and Peabody soon realize that one of the conspirators is not only a lieutenant in charge of Illegals, but also the daughter of a revered retired commander. When they discover the body of a snitch whose murder was made to look like an overdose, they realize the corruption could be widespread. In order to stop the killer, Eve will need the help of a close-knit team, including internal affairs officer Webster. (PUTNAM, Feb., 384 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith