Image of A Treasure of the Heart (Love Inspired #413)


Image of A Treasure of the Heart (Love Inspired #413)

A quick, evenly paced book that gets even better as tension builds. Kudos to Valerie Hansen for
a delightful story that reminds readers that when love hits, it rarely misses
its target.

Lillie Delany has lived a lonely life and decides she will never marry. Then she moves back to her hometown and meets Pastor James Warren, who loves God, his solitary life and his Harley.

He's beset with problems, however, since some of the townsfolk are unhappy with him as the new preacher.

His failed marriage has left him determined to remain single, but James is shocked and dismayed at his immensely powerful attraction to Lillie, especially when it becomes evident that she might feel the same.


Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor