Readers fell in love with Abe's drakon (dragons)
in The Smoke Thief,
and the infatuation continues in the fourth book in the series. Complex, enthralling and captivating, Abe's storytelling has you soaring through wild adventures and spellbinding scenes made possible by the power of love and the forces of magic. You'll believe in these fabled creatures and let your imagination take flight.

Zoe Cyprienne Lane is one of Darkfrith's common seamstresses with no "gifts" and untried powers. Then word reaches the drakon community that Lord Rhys Langford is being held captive and that her fiance, Hayden, has been sent to hunt down those who track the drakon.

It's then that Zoe discovers she has the power of invisibility, so when Hayden goes missing in Paris, Zoe is determined to find him. She searches the city, to no avail, until the night she sees Rhys though her bedroom mirror. An unexplained psychic link binds them, and though he's not there in body, he is in spirit. Zoe is his chance to escape the hunters and find the means to save their home and the drakons. (BANTAM, Apr., 310 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin