Image of Treasured (Secrets of the Loch)


Image of Treasured (Secrets of the Loch)

The first in Camp’s Secrets of the Loch trilogy demonstrates her ability to draw her readers in with strong, well-drawn characters. A legend of hidden treasure, a man who hides behind many facades and a woman who fights her birthright form the tapestry of this poignant, sensual and emotion-packed romance.

Cold, wet and tired, Jack Kensington regrets his desire to travel to Scotland to view the house he won in a card game. Though he plans to sell the place, he is shocked to discover Isobel Rose knew nothing of her brother gambling away the family property. She tries to persuade him to keep the house as income property. He declines, but gives her as much time as she needs to settle her affairs. Isobel is made of stronger stuff and determined to keep her ancestral home. She proposes that Jack marry her. He agrees to the marriage of convenience, but Isobel soon discovers what it means to truly be a wife. Accidents, a search for treasure, an old murder and a killer put them in danger. Jack realizes he’ll do anything for Isobel since he can’t survive without her love. (POCKET, Jun., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond