Catherine "Cat" Farrell nurtures both love and hate for her ex-fianc, Spencer Lyonn, for deserting her at the altar on their wedding day. Three years after the debacle-after her father's death and years of being ostracized by society-Cat has a new life as a school mistress and a plan to reenter society to foil a scheming blackmailer looking for a treasure Cat isn't even sure exists.

Sent by the Queen to find out what Cat knows about a priceless, historically significant Egyptian papyrus, Spence must face the woman he jilted, break down her resistance and regain her trust.

The sexual tension between them is palpable. Cat still feels the acute anger of Spence's betrayal and vents it on him, but Spence is caught in her spell and will not give up until he has rekindled desire in her eyes.

As their passion flares, so does the danger that surrounds Cat. When she is accused of murder, Spence comes to her aid and together they embark on a quest to prove Cat's innocence and allow their passion free reign.

TREASURES is a gem of a romance, a riveting mystery and a very sensual love story all rolled into one exquisite read. Jo-Ann Power keeps getting better and better with each new novel and you're in for a real "treasure" with this one. SENSUAL (Apr., 324 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin