Kemba used to sit for hours listening to her adored dad reminisce about his homeland, Africa. He repeated the stories often, savoring the most exciting part—they were royalty that owned diamond mines. In her father's possession was one huge diamond, his family's legacy.

Kemba will never forget the terrifying night when her father was murdered and the diamond went missing. When she grows up, she sets out on a quest to find the jewel that caused her father's death. Kemba tries to depend on God to help her reclaim it but ultimately takes it upon herself. Along the way, she meets handsome, charismatic pastor Eric. What follows is a wonderful adventure of intrigue, danger and love.

Thomas has another winner with this inspirational-themed novel. The only thing missing is a cup of hot chocolate, a toasty fire and snow flurries to set the mood. (Dec. '03, 280 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin