With heavy Gothic overtones, this tale is packed with all the expected characters and one or two surprises. Angelina Blythe Corbett is determined to understand why her mother sailed to America and committed suicide, leaving her orphaned.

Angelina returns to gloomy Oxford to become her uncle's lab assistant, but her analytical mind is no match for the truth she discovers in the arms of the Earl of Trelayne.

Maxamillian Britton carries on a secret duty to avenge his sister's brutal murder. He has chosen to become a vampire to execute the night stalker known as the Beefsteak Killer. He is an enemy of the undead who swarm to Oxford. But his attraction to Angelina can destroy him.

Those who enjoyed The Wolf of Haskell Hall will meet some familiar characters and fans of the Gothic will enjoy the twists on the traditional seduction of the innocent. A good read for those who find vampires erotic. VERY SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black