Dane's intricate world of werewolf culture and pack politics only gets better with each book. Her fans will love revisiting familiar characters and new readers will be hooked. The Warden family is so real that they jump off the page. Their teasing, bickering and overprotectiveness is endearing, but there's plenty of heat as well. This story focuses on Tracy, who finds love with not one but two hot alphas. Their sexual encounters, whether as a couple or a threesome, are very erotic and tremendously arousing, and a glimpse of sexual interaction between the two alpha males is tantalizing. The secondary characters play important roles as well and fill in any back story. Readers will be panting for more.

Tracy, the youngest sister of alpha Cade Warden, keeps the books for Cascadia pack. The tattooed and pierced rebel finds her mate while attending a mediation session with another pack. Nick is the uptight enforcer for the Pacific Pack and Tracy's opposite in every way. Still, they are meant to be together -- and they forge their bond before the conference ends.

Conference mediator Gabe Murphy becomes her anchor bond -- a werewolf who will have sex with her once to ground her after mating. But it's not happily ever after for the new mates. The werewolf mafia is growing stronger; Nick's pack won't accept Tracy; and, even stranger, Gabe stands up and defends her as if she were his own mate. A legend exists of a tri-mate bond, but it can't be real -- or can it? (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski