All the Charvez women are born with powerful gifts. Lee is a witch dreamer, which allows her to walk into the dreams and subconscious of others and to practice good magic. But it's her own striking dream that she cannot ignore.

The man Lee dreams of is Aidan Bell, a nearly 300-year-old vampire. His own dreams of Lee were so vivid that he packed up his belongings and moved to be with her. At first glance, they both fall in love, but soon Lee dreams of another man and of something referred to as a "triad." This creates some tension, because the other man is Aidan's best friend, Alex Carter.

Dane may be new on the scene, but she's already written a detailed story that's quite compelling. The characters are strong and the plot stays on point. (Oct. '05, 204 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling