Image of Trial & Error: A Solomon Vs. Lord Novel


Image of Trial & Error: A Solomon Vs. Lord Novel

Comedy is never in short supply in Levine's latest, when law partners and lovers Steve and Victoria end up as opposing counsels. The mysterious murder of an animal rights activist is filled with twists that are the perfect companions to Steve's zany legal maneuverings.

After Miami attorney Steve Solomon and his young nephew Bobby witness the murder of an animal rights activist trying to free Bobby's favorite dolphins from captivity, Steve ends up defending the deceased man's fellow activist, who is implicated in the murder. That makes for an interesting home life when the district attorney, who must recuse himself because the accused is his nephew, appoints Steve's law partner and lover, Victoria Lord, as prosecutor.

But something is not entirely kosher about this murder investigation, and Steve and Victoria both uncover sinister links between some unlikely suspects. And Bobby is never far behind, following their investigative efforts with some secretive sleuthing of his own, which could place him in danger. (Bantam, Jun., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick