Image of The Tribute (Malloy Family, Book 6)


Image of The Tribute (Malloy Family, Book 6)

Once again Williamson has a winner with the sixth entry in the Malloy family series. She captures the true grit of the West, building characters as strong as the countryside and a compelling, captivating plot. Sexual tension intensifies as the action escalates.

When Brett Malloy wins a run-down ranch in a poker game, he realizes it's a chance for a new life and vows to make the ranch prosper. But King Dawson wants that land and uses unscrupulous means to get it -- which include destroying the ranch and putting Brett out of commission.

Brett's injuries put him in the care of Dr. Alex Brighton, the object of his youthful fantasies. She's fought her own feelings for him, and Brett remains unresponsive to her despite their proximity. But Dawson's machinations bring them closer together. (Samhain, Dec., 248 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown