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Image of Tribute

Roberts returns to her romantic roots with a delightful tale about neighbors discovering each other. The gentle flow of this book mirrors the burgeoning courtship, but it's accented with intrigue and danger. Roberts really knows how to tell a great story.

Although she never met her legendary screen actress grandmother Janet Hardy, Cilla McGowan's life has been shaped by her. Cilla is a former child star who decided to leave the cutthroat Hollywood scene for the hands-on work of flipping houses. When Janet died of an apparent suicide, Cilla's mother refused to return to her Shenandoah Valley farmhouse. Cilla, however, has plans to renovate and restore the property.

As she begins the project she meets her intriguing neighbor, Ford Sawyer, and his charmingly ugly dog, Spock. Ford is a successful graphic artist who's attracted to and inspired by Cilla. When she discovers a secret stash of letters written by Janet right before her death, it suddenly opens questions regarding a local lover and a possible pregnancy. When violence and harassment follow, a stubborn Cilla decides to get to the bottom of it. (PUTNAM, Jul., 464 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith