After numerous millennia of living in exile on Earth, Zeus, who now goes by the name Zeke Jupiter, is feeling a bit remorseful. In addition, Zeus has not seen his wife Hera for many long years.

Thinking back over his life, Zeus decides to try to make amends to the descendants of the human females he has wronged in the past. He starts with a descendant of Io, in this case a young woman named Joy Taylor. Helping Joy find true love should right old wrongs. However Zeus plan to guide Joys love life runs into a roadblock when Matthew Mark Hennessy returns to town. Mark the Master Illusionist was Joys first love. While Joy stayed in town to help her mother run an ostrich farm, Mark was out pursing a career in magic.

Zeus takes one look at Mark and recognizes him as a descendant of Hermes. Zeus fears this is another doomed love match, and he decides to attempt a little sabotage. Mark has several reasons for returning to his old stomping grounds. He wants to see Joy again, and also fears she may have fallen in with a bad crowd. Mark and the Feds think that businessman Guy Centurion, who Joy works for, is a smuggler at the very least. Mark also knows that Guy recently stole an ancient book of magic from a dear friend. When Hera suddenly arrives in town, all hell breaks loose. Between magic and extraterrestrial powers, things are never going to be the same.

Kathleen Nance spins a unique and clever tale. THE TRICKSTER is warm, funny and tender, plus it leaves open the possibility of sequels. (Jun., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith