This well-written anthology has amusing dialogue, strong characters and
a mystery subplot. Unfortunately, the hasty conclusion of each story makes
it feel as if something is missing. Three novels would have given these vivid characters more time to shine and would have been more satisfying.

Special Forces member Trey Williams has to work with civilian Carly MacAfee on an assignment. The hardest challenge is keeping his hands off the curvy bar owner and keeping his heart intact.

On furlough for two weeks, Jack Gordon decides to go home. He suspects that the new horse trainer, Nicki Camp, is hiding something and tries to uncover her secrets. When her past catches up to her, Jack has to revert to the perfect soldier to save the woman he loves.

Before leaving on his last mission, Jimmy Gordon spent the most erotic night of his life with a mystery woman. Now, six months later, he finds out that she's the governor's daughter. Can this undercover soldier survive a relationship with a high-profile woman? (Linden Bay, Dec., 192 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart