This trilogy focuses on three friends
and the trials of their love lives. While these ladies want to meet fabulous men, the underlying foundation of the stories is the importance of female friendship. These fast-moving tales are somewhat uneven -- with the middle story being the weakest -- but overall they are a fun diversion.

When Donna's friend Jade thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, Donna suggests hiring a private investigator to find out if it's true. In "Private Investigations," Donna's the one who is surprised when she meets P.I. Sam Smith and wants to look into knowing him better. Jade is so in love with her boyfriend Daniel that when she thinks he's cheating on her, she goes back and forth between "Love and Hate." When Jade finally decides to confront him, she is positive she's caught him red-handed. But did she?

In "Saving Grace," Grace Cerone has always felt that men focused too much on her appearance and not enough on getting to know her. When she begins receiving e-mails and gifts from a secret admirer, she wonders if her chance for true romance has finally arrived. (LINDENBAYROMANCE.COM, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers