Image of Trinity Falls (A Finding Home Novel)


Image of Trinity Falls (A Finding Home Novel)

This introduction to the town of Trinity Falls, Ohio, tries to answer the age-old question: Can you go home again? Can high school sweethearts recapture their earlier feelings? Yes and no. There is a rich assortment of characters who will keep readers coming back for future installments. There’s a lot of action in this little town, and peeling the layers back will, no doubt, be fun.

Ean Fever was the high school football hero whose only goal was to leave his small town for New York City. The sudden death of his father and the 14 years he spent away from home have changed his perspective, and he returns for answers and to reconnect with his mother and friends. Megan McCloud has had a crush on Ean since junior high. Her older cousin, Ramona, was his woman and followed him to New York. But Megan is all grown up now, and Ean certainly takes notice. Added in is the fact that Ramona left Ean six years ago, and he has no interest in rekindling that flame. He’s more interested in lighting Megan’s fire. (DAFINA, Sep., 375 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins