Don’t let the children's book title fool you: Trinity is a cracking good yarn; a thrill ride of intrigue, action, and against-all-odds romance. Despite an overly convoluted plot and overstuffed cast of characters (confusingly ID’d by their first names, last names, ranks, nicknames and code names), a series of jaw-dropping twists keeps the story rolling.

Heath “Ghost” Daniels is a shadow of his former Green Beret self after a career-ending injury. His saving grace is Trinity, the military dog who’d saved Heath’s life but was also discharged from the service. Heath and Trinity land a security job in Afghanistan and meet Darci Kintz, an undercover agent surveying the Hindu Kush. When Darci is captured by a rogue Chinese Army unit, Heath and Trinity rush to save her. During the rescue, Darci and Heath are trapped by an avalanche, and as they take stock of their lives, they realize their only hope is to be found by the relentless, ever-present Trinity. (BARBOUR, Sept., 347 pp., $12.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin