Image of Trio of Seduction (Seduction Series, Book 3)


Image of Trio of Seduction (Seduction Series, Book 3)

Ryan concludes her Seduction series with a tale of temptation and intrigue set
in an alternate universe. While it can be read as a stand-alone, this book was meant to be read as part of a series. The heroine is a confident and likable character and a worthy match for her prince. The name of her native tribe and its repeated use, however,
distracts from the story.

Ryan, a prince of his clan, is charged with finding the Healer, the last hope to save his dying world. His search takes him to Earth and Kiera, a half-breed doctor with ties to a rival clan.

Kiera has been labeled a traitor by her mother's people and is considered an enemy of Ryan's. She's attracted to Ryan, whose clan's sexual energy is their life force. As she tries to find her place in a new world she must also learn to channel her powers if she is to save this dying planet. (APHRODISIA, Aug., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Devon Paige