Image of A Trip with the Tycoon


Image of A Trip with the Tycoon

A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON (4.5) by Nicola Marsh: Looking for a fresh start, widowed food critic Tamara Rayne takes the trip to India she'd once planned with her deceased mother. It's supposed to be a solo journey, but restaurateur Ethan Brooks, a friend of Tamara's late husband, decides to go along, allegedly on business. Ethan's wanted Tamara for years, and now that she's free, he's determined to win her. But Tamara's still nursing wounds inflicted by her verbally abusive and unfaithful husband ... wounds that Ethan's unaware of. Sterling characters, an exotic setting and crackling sexual tension make for a great read. The realistically paced romance is also refreshing.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer