Image of The Triplets' Rodeo Man


Image of The Triplets' Rodeo Man

THE TRIPLETS' RODEO MAN (2) by Tina Leonard: Rodeo champ Jack Morgan returns to the family ranch because of his father's illness. Jack's career has been a source of frustration to the old man, who wants him to work the ranch. When Jack runs into childhood friend Crickett Jasper, now a church deacon, passion flares, and the two spend a tempestuous night together -- a night that leaves Crickett pregnant with triplets. The next thing Jack knows, he's chasing Cricket, who won't marry him, all over the country and being offered a million- dollar inheritance if he stays on at the ranch for a year. Crickett has always loved Jack, but she won't marry him unless he stops busting broncs. This is a tough read, with unsympathetic characters and a plot that merely skims the surface.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper