Serena Soltanis may be gender-naming challenged, but she's a loving and caring parent. The mother of two teenage daughters, Tristan and Max, and wife to Nick, she lives a tranquil life. In the midst of enjoying sunny summer days and leading a mothers' group at her church, Serena finds her glass house abruptly shattered. Tristan is missing -- a daughter who has never once disobeyed her parents; a good girl who was never any trouble. Who would take their daughter?

Is it possible Tristan has run away? Serena has to know for sure what's happened to her, but Nick believes he has the matter under control and insists Serena stop her efforts to find Tristan. Will she obey her husband, or will she do whatever it takes to find -- and possibly rescue -- her daughter?

Though this book appears to be a simple story, the truth and reality for teenagers is painfully frightening. Rue is adept at bringing Tristan and her world, as well as Serena's controlled environment, to life. But readers may yearn for a greater sense of urgency in the quest to find Tristan before it's too late. (May, 352 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston