Image of Triumph (Florida Civil War)


Image of Triumph (Florida Civil War)

Sweeping from Florida to Washington D.C., TRIUMPH is the conclusion of Heather Grahams Florida series or the MacKenzie Chronicles. In itself, it is a masterwork, but combined with the other novels in the series it becomes a triumph of the human spirit; a novel of a devastating war and a microcosm of the entire country during a time of crisis.

Though TRIUMPH centers on rebel Tia MacKenzie and Yankee Captain Taylor Doughlas tumultuous romance, characters from the previous books play a major role in both the love story and the war. Readers are reunited with the entire clan as Tia, known as Godiva because she leads Union troops away from Confederate solders riding clothed only in her long hair, locks horns with her brothers friend and her enemy.

If not for the war they may have never been foes, but as the country divided on lines of loyalty, so do the MacKenzies and their neighbors. Like the rest of her family, Tia is involved and also like them, is forced into a marriage by a twist of fate and falls in love with the right man at the wrong time.

Through skirmishes, battles, field hospitals, a desperate mission to save President Jefferson Davis son, misunderstandings, divided loyalties, heated and passionate nights, bloody days and tragedy Tia and Taylors love is continually tested until they have gone through the fire, more than once, and come out stronger and with their love intact.

Those readers who have been following the MacKenzies since Runaway will be enthralled with TRIUMPH, a novel that proves mankinds ability to triumph over the worst and yet show themselves at their best when everything around them is going to hell. Ms. Graham triumphs as a writer of immense caliber creating a masterwork on the history of Florida and a dynamic, sexy romance. TRIUMPH is Heather Graham at the top of her form; an integral part of a series where its best if youve read the other books and will use the genealogy chart. A fabulous read. SENSUAL (Feb., 486 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin