Image of Triumph in Arms (The Masters At Arms)


Image of Triumph in Arms (The Masters At Arms)

Blake's last Maitres D'Armes book is an absolute joy. With a sharp eye for detail and dialogue, she serves up murder, secrets, retribution and the return of the members of the Brotherhood in an intensely passionate and emotion-filled romance.

Christien Lenoir sees the widow Madame Reine Marie Cassard Pingre and knows he wants her. When he wins a card game with her father and becomes the owner of her family's home, he offers her a proposal: She and her family can continue to live at River's Edge if she marries him. Reine has no desire to be married again, but his gentleness with her daughter prompts her to agree to it.

She comes to see other facets to this swordsman -- his protectiveness and caring for her and her family. But their wedding day erupts into chaos, with dire consequences. He must choose between loyalty to the Brotherhood or to Reine. (MIRA, Feb., 373 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond