A family estrangement kept Marco Santori away from his family for years. His sister, Ava, always hoped that the breach could be healed and her younger brother would return to the fold. Unfortunately, a phone call shatters those dreams when Ava learns that Marco was on a ship that was lost during a Caribbean hurricane. When an aggressive attorney contacts her claiming that the ship's owner, Utopia Adventurers, is responsible, Ava heads to St. Barts for the truth.

Dane Erickson, the owner of Utopia Adventures, is devastated by the loss. He knows the legal fallout will be intense, as everyone wants to find someone to blame. Recognizing Ava from her resemblance to Marco, Dane tries to offer what explanation and comfort he can. When she overhears a strange conversation, Ava begins to suspect that something could be very wrong at Utopia Adventures. The question then becomes, is Dane involved or is he a victim as well?

Sizzling romance and tangible suspense make TROPICAL GETAWAY a most enjoyable read. Get ready for adventure, passion and danger! (Feb., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith