First-year law student Dara Williams isn't looking for love. Neither is successful defense attorney Mike Baldwin. While Dara just wants to get through the grueling year with good grades. Mike is working on an important civil case and intent on getting his firm established.

But from their first meeting, the chemistry seems potent. Unfortunately, during Dara's internship at Mike's firm, the chemistry degenerates into lots of bickering and misunderstandings.

Mike has been working on a case for three years that is finally going to court. As a favor to Dara, he takes on a new case that involves the murder of a nightclub owner whose partner is arrested for it. The partner has a rap sheet and claims his mistress as his alibi. But when the alibi falls through, Mike drops the case and is threatened by the man.

If communication had been better between Dara and Mike, it would have been easier to believe they had fallen in love. Also, the author never explains what happened in Dara's past to make her wary of love. Christopher has a gift for storytelling that comes through with the secondary characters. Unfortunately, the main story is sluggish and at times boring. (Jul., 368 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor-King