Image of The Trouble with Being a Duke (Kingsborough Ball)


Image of The Trouble with Being a Duke (Kingsborough Ball)

Barnes uses our cultural love affair with the Cinderella story to her advantage as she crafts a fun, fast-paced, wish-fulfilling romance that tugs at readers’ hearts. She gifts readers with a hero who struggles with his need to become a better man, a heroine who fights against her attraction to a man above her station, a cruel villainess — and a few smile-inducing surprises.

Anthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough, discovers that anything can happen at the Kingsborough Ball when he dances with a masked beauty. He knows he must find a bride and he thinks he’s found her — until she disappears. Anthony vows to track down his mystery woman no matter what. Isabella Chilcott has dreamed of waltzing at the Kingsborough Ball, but a lowly commoner cannot attend the social event of the season — or can she? With a beautiful gown, unearthed in the attic, and a mask, she can be anyone. A dance with the duke is unexpected, and falling head over heels in love is impossible — or is it? There are many obstacles for Anthony and Isabella to overcome, and the lovers have their work cut out for them. (AVON, Sep., 360 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin