Image of The Trouble with Cowboys: Catcher Creek


Image of The Trouble with Cowboys: Catcher Creek

In her latest, Cutler grabs readers from the first page with a story set in rural New Mexico and centered around a quirky chef returning home to help her family. Witty dialogue, great pacing and steamy romance — not to mention a sassy heroine and her charming cowboy — make for one fun, passionate romp.

Home again, chef Amy Sorentino is about to begin a new business venture with her sisters, in order to help save the family property. When she meets rancher Kellan Reed in the local mart, she’s instantly attracted, which is a bad thing because she immediately breaks her number one-rule: Steer clear of cowboys. Kellan is drawn to Amy, too, even though he has no intention of getting involved. But even good intentions go awry, as Amy’s heart doesn’t listen to reason and Kellan finds he can’t stay away. (ZEBRA, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99) 

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates