New attorney Brandi Michaels moves to Chicago to join her doctor fiance and start her career. Upon arrival, she discovers her erstwhile fiance has run off to Vegas to marry his pregnant girlfriend. Deciding to accentuate her assets rather than cower and cry, Brandi pawns her engagement ring, buys a killer dress and shoes and attends a high society party. Part B of her new grand plan is to have a fling with a handsome man. Count Roberto Bartolini certainly fits that bill, and their encounter is explosive.

Reality intrudes when Brandi learns that Roberto is an accused jewel thief and she's been assigned to his case. When a judge remands Roberto into Brandi's custody, she is really trapped. Now she can't let this maddening, sexy and mysterious man out of her sight. Brandi knows that Roberto is up to something with some very dangerous people, but can she stop him before he steals a precious jewel -- or her heart?

Take one feisty and furious heroine, add one devastatingly sexy thief and you have the necessary ingredients for a remarkable romp. Dodd pulls out all the stops, making sure that the characters are engaging, the romance passionate and the plot sizzling. No one does romantic comedy like Dodd! (Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith