Image of The Trouble With Luv' (Kimani Romance)


Image of The Trouble With Luv' (Kimani Romance)
Extremely stereotypical behavior from the hot-to-trot owner of a chain of lingerie boutiques and an ultraconservative church boy hampers the romance in Pamela Yaye's The Trouble with Luv' (3). Ebony Garrett owns Discreet Boutiques and is a dedicated workaholic. When she sees Xavier Reed at a church function she attends with her aunt, she's instantly smitten but only wants a physical relationship. Xavier, a high school guidance counselor and part-time economics teacher, is attracted to Ebony but doesn't want to deal with a high-maintenance, low-morals woman. After getting to know one another, however, they realize they have more in common than they think.
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Debbie R. Sims