Lady Felicity Malcolm Childe considers her gift of seeing into the lives of those who touch her a curse. Sheltered by her family, she is determined to travel to Scotland to find the old book of spells that will do away with her "gift" and allow her to live a normal life.

Ewen Ives, a womanizing inventor, becomes her escort to Edinburgh. Felicity feels only pleasure in Ewen's touch, while he comes to admire this enchanting girl as he teaches her to control her gift.

A compromising situation leads to marriage, but what kind of future will they have? Even if her father doesn't kill them first, Ewen is a debt-ridden wanderer and Felicity a pragmatic, magical woman.

Rice is a marvelously talented author who skillfully combines pathos with humor in a stirring, sensual romance that shows the power of love is the most wondrous gift of all. Think of this memorable story as a present you can open again and again. SENSUAL (Aug., 365 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond