Image of Trouble Me: A Rosewood Novel (The Rosewood Trilogy)


Image of Trouble Me: A Rosewood Novel (The Rosewood Trilogy)

Moore fuses a love story with a tale of two people finally growing up and letting go of the past. The story is not rushed and the characters, who will be familiar to readers of Moore’s other novels, are well rounded. There are no slow moments in this novel and despite the hefty page count, readers will be able to breeze through this story and maybe learn a thing or two about love and forgiveness along the way.

On the way home to start her new life running an equestrian club for children and working as a substitute teacher, Jade Radcliffe spends an amazing night with a stranger in a hotel. The stranger turns out to be Rob Cooper, the father of one of her students and a man she has a history with. Getting used to an adult relationship is foreign to Jade; add to that a private investigator digging through her mother’s past and high school classmates who can’t let old rivalries die. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner