Blackmailed by her current boss, a lovely woman journeys to the Caribbean to spy on her former employer, who also happens to be her son's father. There's even more TROUBLE IN PARADISE (4) when she realizes that she's still in love with the man. With profound tone, Grace Green pens a flavorful tale filled with rich characters and an energetic conflict. (Book Club Only)

GEORGIA AND THE TYCOON (2) meet at her uncle's island resort and spend their vacation together even though she doesn't trust him. Margaret Way's fresh dialogue smoothly blends into a congenial, albeit slight, love story.

When a lovely woman is fired by her lover for divulging company secrets, she manages to keep THE SECRET BABY (2). Five years later, he re-enters the picture to take over her late husband's company and in the process, uncovers her secret. Day Leclaire creates an intriguing premise which falls a little short with shallow characters.

Jeanne Allan proves that opposites attract in NEEDED: ONE DAD (2) when a perky woman and an attractive man fall victim to the matchmaking of his grandmother's bridge club. Warm secondary characters and tongue-in-cheek dialogue try to compensate for a slow pace and a weak conflict.

A hard-edged businessman offers his estranged wife a chance to save her ailing father's crumbling business. All she has to do is pretend to be his bride for a few weeks, a masquerade that backfires when old feelings and insecurities resurface in BORROWED WIFE (2). Patricia Wilson's romance begins in a promising fashion, only to fall short with a flat, unbelievable conflict.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short