Shalvis brings us a compelling, humorous and very steamy romance between a witty heroine and her sexy hero of choice. The story features a lively group
of secondary characters and lots
of clever dialogue, which will keep
readers amused from beginning to end.

Klutzy sales clerk Dorie Anderson wins a dream singles cruise to Fiji, but the adventure turns out to be wilder than she'd ever imagined. She immediately meets two hot men: a pro baseball player and the ship's French doctor. Which guy might be The One for her? Dorie's not sure and is looking to find out more about the men, but big problems arise.

Problem one: she keeps tripping over things and injuring herself. Problem two: a man onboard is murdered. Problem three: a storm wrecks the ship and leaves everyone stranded on an island - with a potential killer lurking among them. All this and then there's problem four: her love life's in chaos. Chances are, if she survives this cruise, Dorie's world will never be the same. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Oct., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel