Image of The Trouble with Princesses (A Princess Brides Romance)


Image of The Trouble with Princesses (A Princess Brides Romance)

The final Princess Bride meets her perfect match — and readers reap the rewards. It’s a story told before, but Warren enchants with this sexy charmer that delivers what readers want: a fast-paced, sensual and fun love story. It’s a delight to watch an arrogant hero brought to his knees by an independent heroine who evolves into a remarkable woman because of his love. Simply a pleasure.

Princess Ariadne is done with the Marriage Mart now that she is old enough to claim her inheritance. Instead of a husband, she wants a lover. Prince of a small European country, Rupert Whyte is enjoying a last fling before he will have to choose a bride. When he learns of Ariadne’s plan, he realizes that she has no idea how badly she will ruin her reputation and her life if she succeeds with her scheme. It is up to him to stop her. Simply reminding Ariadne of the consequences doesn’t work, nor does a scolding, so Rupert decides a few lessons in love might do the trick. But his plan backfires, and the heat that was just simmering below the surface of their friendship boils over. Caught in his own gambit, Rupert falls head over heals for Ariadne, who is just as much in love with him. However, when Rupert must take his place as king, can Adriadne be his queen? (SIGNET SELECT, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin