This enjoyable, if somewhat uneven, collection of short stories is tied together thematically by the presence of a black cat named Trouble. Wherever Trouble appears, love and romance follow. Each of the characters with whom Trouble comes in contact with have lost love -- either through divorce or widowhood -- and opening their hearts to a charming cat becomes the first step toward a second chance at love.

While all 10 stories are readable, "Trouble in the Rockies," by Becky Martinez, "Trouble in Columbus," by Judy Ballard, and "Looking for Trouble," by Theresa Davis Lunde, are especially well written and enjoyable. While Trouble appears in each story, it's not clear if this is the same cat in each story -- adding a supernatural element -- or if each tale is self-contained. This is a small detail, but it would add much-needed cohesiveness to the anthology if it were addressed in some way. (Nov. '05, 292 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider