THE TROUBLESOME ANGEL (4), by Valerie Hansen, is a tender, well-written story of forgiveness, Gods great sense of humor and how falling in love is never easy. Years ago, Stacy Lucas was to be married but the grooms brother, Graydon Payne, saw to it that she didnt. Now, shes grateful for the way God intervened and her new life as a member of a search and rescue team. Until the day she once again meets up with the illustrious Mr. Payne whose name is an all too familiar reminder of her heartache. Graydons about-to-be niece is lost in the woods, and requires Stacys help to find her. Amidst their adventures, Stacy and Graydon find that they too have been lost, figuratively, and eventually find each other.

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston