McCarthy’s entry in the burgeoning new adult subgenre is a page-turning, gut-wrenching success. Tyler is the tattooed, troubled bad boy we’ve come to expect, except he’s levelheaded and kind, and a good match for Rory. Their troubles are real, their love True, and readers will root them on past the very last page.

Rory is a smart, if emotionally stunted, college student. More comfortable with her textbooks than people, she’s still a virgin — she’s waiting to be romanced. When Tyler helps her out of a harrowing situation their lives become entwined, though Rory’s insecurities and Tyler’s troubled home life prove to be obstacles. Can they make it work? (US. PENGUINGROUP.COM, dl $3.99, ISBN: 9781101623152, E-book, 16 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno